North Raleigh Mobile Veterinary Facility

Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian Dr Shannon Burroughs

Full service affordable veterinary care in the convenience of your home!!!

As a mobile veterinarian we offer complete veterinary care.  We have access to the same diagnostic tests, lab tests, and medications as any stand alone veterinary hospital. As a mobile vet service we have very little overhead which allows us to charge affordable prices and spend more time with each pet and pet parent. 

Mobile Veterinarian in Raleigh - Dr. Shann Burroughs DVM - Mobile Vet Services in Raleigh

Experience the No-Stress way to do veterinary care

The best part about using a mobile veterinarian: PET ANXIETY GOES DOWN.

Most of us either own or know pets that just don't do well at the vet's office. The car ride, the vet waiting room, the other pets, the strange place, the little vet exam room, the new people... it's an anxiety prone situation for many pets.


Your dogs or cats will be more relaxed because they feel, quite literally, more at home.

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North Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian NEWS:

North Raleigh Mobile Veterinarian is currently in negotiations to purchase a mobile hospital suite. Picture a mid size RV that has been specially designed for use for mobile vet services. Once this purchase is complete almost any procedure or surgery can be handled more conveniently, and with less stress to your animals.