Raleigh House Call Vet - FAQ

Raleigh Mobile Vet Service - Dr. Shannon Burroughs - DVM - Mobile Vet Service in Raleigh

Shouldn't a mobile veterinarian service cost a lot more than going to the veterinary clinic?

Not necessarily.  The expenses associated with running a traditional veterinary hospital are high. The rent for a good location in a strip mall can cost between five and ten thousand dollars a month.  Add to that employees, vet techs, a receptionist, electric bill, property insurance, etc. - all factors in the increasing cost of veterinary care.

It is specifically because of these high expenses that most traditional vet hospitals are forced into having a high volume business model. The high volume business model requires that you bring your pet to them for maximum efficiency. This allows for a veterinarian to see more pets per hour than a mobile vet could.  

Many traditional vet hospitals require that you drop your pets off. This, too, is designed to increase the company's efficient use of the veterinarian's time even though most pet parents report that they would prefer to be with their pets for all of the exam and treatments. The constant focus on efficiency and seeing more pets is the norm in most high volume vet hospitals. This is unhealthy for employees who work there and is not in the best interest of clients or their pets.

As a mobile veterinarian, I know I can't see as many pets per hour, and that's a good thing. In the high volume business model of a veterinary hospital, a veterinarian will walk out of one patient appointment and right into the next one. As a mobile veterinarian, I will have more time in your home with you and your pets.  And because we are doing all of our exam services in your home, you will be able to be with your pet during all parts of exam and treatment.


By being a mobile veterinarian, with much lower expenses, I can focus on patient care in ways that were impossible when I saw thirty pets in a 10-12 hour work day in a high volume hospital. And because our expenses are low, I don't need to see as many pets. It's a win-win for me as a veterinarian and for the clients and their pets.

Our low overhead approach allows us to charge a competitive price, see fewer pets, and give better service - in the convenience of your home.

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Can a mobile veterinarian really give my pets the same great care that I get at my vet hospital?

Absolutely. We have access to the same diagnostic lab tests, medications, etc. that any veterinarian has. 

This doesn't mean that we never have to refer a case to a specialist.  With the exception of specialty hospitals in the area, every local veterinary hospital has to refer a case every now and then due to its complexity or specialty.

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How do you carry every possible needed medication with you in your vehicle?

We don't have every single medication in stock that your cat or dog might need. And neither does a traditional veterinary hospital. We carry the most common medications with us (flea/tick/heartworm prevention, antibiotics, medications for eye and ear infections or vomiting/diarrhea, allergy medications, etc). We also have a trusted online pharmacy through which we can expedite any needed medication straight to your door.

I'd love to use the mobile vet service but my house isn't clean.

I live with 2 dogs, five indoor cats, a 9 year old boy and a messy husband. Believe me, I will not judge your space. Please do not feel that you need to clean up for your vet to come for a visit. All we require is a small area of open floor space where we can do an exam on your animal(s).

My dog isn't the friendliest dog, this is why we want a house call vet. Will this be a problem?

We have a protocol to follow for our pets who might be a bite/scratch risk. This can be tailored to each pet's particular issue. Contact me to discuss your specific situation so that we can come up with a plan for success ahead of time.