Day of Appointment

Vaccine Reactions

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Please let us know, prior to a vaccine appointment, if your pet has had a previous adverse reaction to vaccines. Vaccine reactions are uncommon in pets, but certain breeds are predisposed. We can work together to select the most appropriate vaccine protocols and to take steps to avoid an adverse reaction. After any vaccine appointment, please be prepared to monitor your pet at home for several hours. You will be looking for vomiting, diarrhea, facial swelling, hives, seizures, collapse, etc. Again, these types of reactions are very rare. If any of these symptoms are noted, please call us immediately or take your pet to the nearest emergency clinic for prompt care.

Fractious Cats and Dogs

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We are happy to try to help you with your pet that has traditionally been nervous at the vet's office. Many of these pets do better in their own homes. Please note that if we arrive and are not able to safely restrain your pet for a physical exam, we will have to break the appointment up into multiple visits. The first visit will be a behavioral consultation ($150 which includes travel fee). We will leave sedative medications at this appointment for you to give at home and we will reschedule the physical exam for a different day ($49 and $50 for the house call). Please be prepared for this multistep process (and associated additional costs) and the possibility that we will not be able to successfully handle your pet even with sedatives on board. At this point, there may be an option to try injectible sedatives. 

If your pet is food motivated, please have his/her favorite treats available in large quantities at each visit as this sometimes helps greatly. For dogs, ideas are deli meat, cheese slices, peanut butter, etc. Cats may enjoy canned tuna, cooked chicken, chopped up shrimp, etc.


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Cats should be kept indoors and secured in a small room or bathroom for a couple of hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Outdoor cats should be brought inside many hours prior to the appointment. Please note, if we arrive at your scheduled appointment and your pet cannot be located or secured within 15 mins of arrival, you will be charged the full exam fee and travel fee ($99) and your appointment will be rescheduled.


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We accept cash, debit, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Payment in full is due at time of services.

Eating & Potty Breaks on Appointment Day

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Your pets do not need to be fasted for bloodwork. Please feed meals at regular times on the day of an appointment. It is helpful if you do not take pets out for a potty break for several hours before the appointment. This will allow us the opportunity to collect urine if needed. Your pets will also appreciate it if you could retrieve a small stool sample (teaspoon sized amount from the liter box or on the morning walk) in a sandwich bag to give to us.  This will eliminate the need for us to get a fecal sample with a fecal wand which will make your pets happier.

Cancellation Policies

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Please provide at least a 48 hr notice if you need to reschedule an appointment. If you cancel/reschedule your appointment with less than a 48 hr notice, then you will be charged a $50 reschedule fee. If we show up for a scheduled appointment and you are not there, this will be treated as a no show appointment and you will be responsible for the full exam fee and travel fee ($99) and we may require a deposit to hold any future appointments.